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Reggae, Calypso and Tropical Beach Party Bands
are popular all over South Florida!

Here are our best bands for meetings and conventions...

Coco Band Miami FL Tropical Bands

Coco Band

When you want your party to feature authentic classic Caribbean grooves, The COCO BAND has got to be your first call. They play calypso, soca, ska and reggae but they’re funky and jazzy too so don’t be surprised at hearing a whole lot of other tropical music styles coming at you during a typical set. They are Miami Florida based, fully pro session musicians who individually write, play and produce for a whole lot of other people many of whom are ‘name’ artists. And last but by no means least they’re a truly ‘live’ band with fabulous soloists and a rhythm section that can jam and groove.
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Steel Breeze Miami FL Steel Bands

Steel Breeze

Steel Breeze band plays Caribbean style music, the kind you would hear if you where to take a trip to the Caribbean islands, such as Trinidad, Jamaica, Virgin Island, Bahamas, and others. This band’s music will take you back to lying on a white sandy beach with palm trees, sipping on your favorite cocktail, listening to the sweet sounds of steel drums, with a funky bass line, cool guitar and very rhythmic bongos, and the sweet voices singing “Day-o miss-a-daa-o daylight come and me want to go home”.
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The Rasta Mon Band Miami FL Reggae Bands

The Rasta Mon Band

Hailing from Jamaica, now in Miami Beach, this band is available from three to six pieces. The only artist from the Caribbean to have achieved legendary status in the 20th century is undoubtedly Bob Marley. His music is reggae but it rocks too with hard-edged guitar lines and rebellious lyrics. And that’s exactly how RASTA MON plays it. Drawn from the cream of Florida’s reggae session players the band plays it for real and features the exact line up Marley used in the late 70’s. Exciting and very Danceable... RASTA MON rocks!
The Legends Miami FL Tropical Bands

The Legends – Song List

Can’t afford the Beach Boys? Here’s the next best thing. Combination of exacting music and boundless energy has made The Legends a modern tradition among event planners. Playing all your favorites from Bob Marley to Jimmy Buffet with a dash of classic rock in between, this band is sure to be the highlight of your beach party. Personality, Charm, and Wit - The most experienced, professional “Beach Party” band for the ultimate corporate client. “Without question, the number one act in “Beach Music” hails not from the Carolinas, but from Florida...” - NEW YORK TIMES.
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A Night in Rio Miami FL Tropical Bands

A Night in Rio

Let us bring the color and magic of Brazil’s street parties and parades to your South Florida destination! For over 30 years, Chase has provided the best in Brazilian musicians and dancers. Our performers include: Samba/bossa nova bands, Batucada drums, colorfully adorned dancers. Let the contagious rhythms of our performers transport you to the land of Carnaval.
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Samba Musicians and Dancers Miami FL Brazilian Bands

Samba Musicians and Dancers

For over 30 years, CHASE has provided the best in live Brazilian musicians and dancers. SAMBA’S syncopated, smooth dance style began as part of Brazil’s Carnaval celebrations. Carnaval sambas are typically performed by large percussion ensembles, and were an expression of Brazil’s West African heritage. Samba is the basic underlying rhythm that typifies most Brazilian music. Let us bring the color and magic of Brazil’s street parties, parades, and awesome, live performance by large samba bands to Miami or South Florida!
Tiki Band Miami FL Tropical Bands

Tiki Band

Whether you want to dance the night away to the hottest contemporary hits, cool out with some Beach Music or rock around the clock to golden oldies, Tiki Band is the band for you! Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley would be proud to hear this band play their music... They are so true to the originals! They play EXACT reproductions of all your favorite calypso, reggae, and tropical hit songs. Everyone, young and old will be singing along! Plus, they have an extensive song list of classic rock/pop hits from the 60’s through the 80’s. Perfect for that pool side welcome reception or beach party.
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Junkanoo Band Miami FL Tropical Bands

Junkanoo Band

Junkanoo is a colorful parade of festive dancers and rhythm musicians. This celebratory display began in the Bahamas spreading throughout the islands. Junkanoo is still celebrated, particularly in the Bahamas and Key West. Using drums, percussion, horns, whistles, and brass instruments, marchers in bright, glimmering costumes attract a joyous crowd wherever they parade. Bring the spirit of Goombay and Fantasy Fest to your South Florida event!
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