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Miami FL has the hottest Latin, Cuban, and Salsa Bands
in all of South Florida!

The best Latin Bands and Salsa Bands Miami has to offer...

Miami Gypsies Miami FL Latin Bands

Miami Gypsies

A Gipsy Kings-style band offering authentic rumba, latin and flamenco music for all occasions. Appearing regularly at the hottest clubs in South Beach; Gentle background music or a lively evening of vibrant song and instrumental music for dancing. The band is available from a three-piece to a six-piece to suit all budgets and venues. Barton G’s favorite!
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Casablanca Miami FL Latin Bands


High energy and very danceable, they are one of the mainstays of “South Beach” hot spots! They have played rave-review performances for major corporate events, country clubs, festivals, and concerts. Authentic Latin as well as rocking American music.
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Havana Miami FL Latin Bands


This band provides the best in authentic Latin Cuban Dance music. From the sophisticated Afro-Cuban jazz to the modern sounds of Salsa, Samba, Lambada, & Afro-Carribean reggae, the range of music played bears testament to the great musicianship & talent on stage.
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Viva Miami FL Latin Bands

Viva Miami

South-American Latin Band from Argentina, performs mostly original and Latin covers: dance music, mix of flamenco, salsa, rumba, bossanova, mambo, latin pop and rock; original classical guitar music, romantic ballads (English/Spanish), and cover tunes, for all kinds of events and parties. Contact us for Samples of the music and artists bios.
Groupo Latino Miami FL Salsa Bands

Groupo Latino

This Latin Band’s eclectic repertoire is passionate, dynamic and eminently danceable: from the characteristically hot-blooded tempos of Cuban Salsa and Brazilian Lambada, to the traditional folk rhythms of Colombian Cumbia and Dominican Merengue.
Surfside Six Miami FL Latin Bands

Surfside Six

This is the only band in South Florida that is equally adept at Latin AND Tropical music! The hottest beach party music around: from Bob Marley and the Beach Boys to Meringue and Salsa to Cumbia and Samba!

With a killer three piece rhythm section, a Jimmy Buffett-style front man, a Latin female vocalist, and the very best sax player in Miami! Surfside Six plays only the best LATIN AND AMERICAN beach-party music designed to get your guests on the dance floor.
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Cubanova Miami FL Latin Bands


They’ve become one of the most sought after bands in South Florida because of their incredible high-energy versions of today’s most popular Latin artists. They will enhance the look and feel of your event with fabulous, authentic music and great stage presence as well. This band is very much a part of the Miami record industry creating original music as well.
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