The Alpha Band
This is a band composed of 6 experienced PRO’s who have toured with many, many famous Oldies Acts. The first NEW Oldies band in South Florida in a long time, and they move the time dial from the 50’s up to more current Oldies (if there is such a thing!). For example, no Doo Wop, but plenty of 60’s classic rock/pop tunes – Rock, Surf & Soul. © No Girl Group 60’s songs, but lot’s of Motown, Disco, 70’s funk, and Dance hits of the 80’s. ALPHA is the oldies band for a new generation of Adults. Personally, I love this band. They are relatively unknown, therefore CHEAP! A super value in my opinion. And a real crowd-pleaser for 40 to 70 year-old audiences. Their copyrighted slogan is: “WE PLAY FOR FUN!”