Orange Sunshine Band
If you love the 60’s, then you will absolutely love ORANGE SUNSHINE, a tribute to the remarkably diverse sounds of the mid to late 60’s music. The five handsome studio musicians deliver concert-quality copies of The British Invasion, Motown, Surf Music, Classic Rock, American Pop hits, Folk Rock, Psychedelia and ballads that will touch your heart. ORANGE SUNSHINE’S three lead singers strive to deliver the exact sound of the original 45’s. Their instrumentation recreates the sounds of Hammond and Surf organs, 6 and 12 string guitars, sitars, orchestral overtures and more! Not the same old ‘Mony, Mony’... these guys play the most interesting and challenging songs you never hear attempted! This is the finest 60’s oldies band I have heard and they will transport you back to a time and era that inspired us all. Hear them perform and I promise you will be a fan before the intermission. – Steven Chase